Workplace Skills Programme Courses 2017

-Updated 28 February 2017. 

Mastery of Skills for Personal Growth. To Create a Differentiated Guest Experience.

Develop your true potentials by harnessing your resourcefulness, building stronger relations, making good decisions and solving problems effectively.

For Operations and Executive Grades Team Members

ADAPT TO CHANGE (ATC) NEW: Coping with and adapting to change are essential skills, particularly in the new knowledge economy. Identify global trends and changes that impact the workplace and undertake lifelong learning to cope with transformation. More.

COMMUNICATE AND RELATE EFFECTIVELY AT THE WORKPLACE (CREW): Good communication skills are essential to building strong relations, also known as the “kampung spirit”. Improve communication through effective interaction skills that help to better manage conflicts. More.

DEMONSTRATE INITIATIVE AND ENTERPRISING BEHAVIOURS (DIEB): Develop effective independent thinking and demonstrate creativeness and resourcefulness to improve overall workplace performance. More.

SOLVE PROBLEMS AND MAKE DECISIONS (SPMD): Problem-solving and decision-making are all in a day’s work. Learn the skills and techniques to make good decisions confidently. More.


Take charge of your learning and express your interest to your supervisor today! Pick up a copy of the training request form from here (RWS intranet access required) or at the HR Touch Points.

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