Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 6: Houses and zones

The Team Member preview for Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 6 is on 28 September. Don’t forget your RWS Staff ID. Click for more info.

Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights returns in its sixth reincarnation, for 16 nights of mayhem between 30 September and 31 October. This year, guests can expect:

  • Five haunted houses (a new record!)
  • Two scare zones
  • Two live shows


Icon: Lady Death

Lady Death, a malevolent figure who rules HHN6 by awakening the dead and unravelling the darkness. You’ll find her at the Opening Scaremony and at March of the Dead.

halloween horror nights 6 lady death

Lady Death (centre) with her ghostly entourage.

Haunted houses

Old Changi Hospital (This year’s headlining house)
Where: Lost World

Patients who don’t know they are dead. Soldiers who still scour the wards for enemies. Empty morgues that are not really empty. All these and more await at the iconic Old Changi Hospital…

Based on: Singapore’s most haunted spot, Old Changi Hospital was built in 1935 by the British government. It housed prisoners of war during the Japanese Occupation and was reportedly a torture chamber. After the war, the hospital remained in operations until it closed in 1997.

HHN6 Old Changi Hospital arch

We’ll have to take a queue number before Old Changi Hospital opens here at Universal Studios Singapore.

Hawker Centre Massacre
Where: Soundstage 28 (Entrance from lane between Brown Derby and Spaghetti Space Chase)

A wholesome meal at the hawker centre turns into a banquet of horror… as food poisoning victims turn into savage, flesh-eating creatures as radioactive fish contaminate their bodies and minds.

Food for thought: What’s scarier than a long queue for food? A long queue of people waiting to be food.  

USS - HHN6 - Old Lady from Hawker Centre 2

Boy, boy, come try Chicken Rice Auntie’s specialty at Hawker Centre Massacre.

From the outside, we can't see much of Hawker Centre Massacre.

What an innocent-looking entrance…

Hu Li’s Inn
Where: Between Ancient Egypt and Sci Fi City

Step inside Hu Li’s Inn, set in the swinging 1930s of Old Shanghai. Your fate is in the hands – or should we say, claws? – of these beautiful nocturnal beasts.

This spot is a new location for a haunted house. Go back in time and meet the ladies of the night–who are actually shape shifters. If you fall in love, you’ll lose your heart literally. 

Hu Li Hu Li's Inn HHN6

Say hi to the foxy Hu Li. ‘Coincidentally’, Hu Li means fox in Chinese.

HHN6 Hu Li's Inn before

The welcome party to Hu Li’s Inn.

Salem Witch House
Where: Entrance from door next to New York Public Library

Maison Deux-Six, the witch house of the Defeo Witches in Salem, has stood untouched and abandoned since 1692. But a group of modern-day witchcraft enthusiasts have awakened something within…

Based on: The Salem witch trials in 1692 (even before the founding of United States in 1776) in Massachusetts, 20 people were accused of performing witchcraft and were executed. Have their spirits lingered for so many years?

USS - HHN6 - Witch from Salem Witch House 2

Augusta DeFeo, the high priestess and most powerful of The DeFeo Witches.

USS - HHN6 - Witch from Salem Witch House 3

The Vengeful Witch awaits at Salem Witch House.

Bodies of Work
Where: WaterWorld

Join artist Damien on his trip down memory lane as he unveils his latest exhibition, and witness all the blood, sweat and tears it took to create his final and most complete bodies of work.

Here’s a one-of-a-kind art exhibit that uses body parts as materials. Break the “Don’t Touch The Exhibit” rule at your own risk.

HHN6 bodies of work damien shipman

Damien Shipman, the main character of Bodies of Work.

Scare zones

Suicide Forest
Where: Lost World

Some say an evil spirit lurks in the Suicide Forest, calling desolate souls to their death… but no one knows for sure. That’s because no one has returned to tell the tale.

Based on: The Suicide Forest in Japan at the foot of Mount Fuji. The dense forest means that once you’re lost inside, it’s practically impossible to come out.

Suicide Forest HHN6

Suicide Forest scare zone is taking over Lost World.

Someone left their car at Suicide Forest scare zone.

Come for a fright, pick up a free ride.

March of the Dead
Where: New York

Bask in the spine chilling festivities of the Day of the Dead (Día De Los Muertos), and be swept up by a carnival procession of spirits in the Death March!

Based on: Mexico’s ‘Day of the Dead’, a festival similar to our local Hungry Ghost Festival but with more sound and colours. This will be the stop of Death March, our first carnival procession at USS HHN.

Welcome to March of the Dead scare zone.

Step right up, into the March of the Dead scare zone.

hhn6 march of dead altars

Altars, or more?

Live shows

Jack’s (Recurring) Nightmare Circus
Where: Pantages Theatre

Jack is back! Along with his loyal gang of deranged disciples, he’s on the hunt for his next batch of killer acts.

Jack the murderous clown is holding auditions for new members to join his circus. We heard many talented performers such as acrobats, skaters, and applied for the role during Halloween Horror Nights 4 but they were all murdered before it ended. Who will be brave enough to join Jack this time?

March of the Dead: The Resurrection
Where: New York Public Library

Revel in the hypnotic sounds of the drums, the beauty of the intricate coffins and the haunting spectacle of it all… while you still can. You may be the one we honour next.

A scare zone show held after the Death March procession.

hhn6 march of dead float skull

A colourful “sugar skull” decoration at March of the Dead scare zone. On closer inspection, it’s a float too.

hhn6 dates

RWS Team Member discount

Display your RWS Staff ID at our ticketing counters for the following discounts

Admission $50*/$56^

Frequent Fear Pass $108

R.I.P. Tour $128*/$188^

Please note that there is no RWS Invites rebate for TM pricing.


*Valid for entry on 30 Sep, 6, 13, 20, 27, 30, 31 Oct 2016. Time: 7:30pm – 12:30am.
^Valid for entry on 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29 Oct 2016. Time: 7:30pm – 1:30am.


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