Resorts World Theatre 8 results

FLYING Through Time, new upcoming production at RWS

Show begins at Resorts World Theatre on 9 December, running till 21 January 2018.

Korean theatrical CHEF: Bibimbap vs Chilli Crab to hit Singapore

Non-verbal, comedic production starts 10 June at Resorts World Theatre.

A peek at Mulan The Musical

Two-hour Chinese musical comedy puts a different spin on the legend of Hua Mulan.

Q&A with Gurmit Singh, Kumar, Joanne Kam, of “Laugh Die You”

Picking their brains about life, love and superpower. Oh, and the show.

NANTA (Cookin’) vs The Painters: HERO

Early June's a great time for Korean fans. Cause two hot live shows are coming to Resorts World Theatre - NANTA (Cookin') and The Painters: HERO.

Numbers: History of getai in Singapore

We take a look at the ups and downs of getai, a live stage performance popular during the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Introducing GE TAI – The Musical

Catch the biggest names in getai on one stage. Hao Hao, Desmond Ng, Bao Bei sisters, Tay Ying Ying and Lin You Fa will be singing and dancing away in GE TAI - The Musical from 20 April to 29 May at Resorts World Theatre.

Songbirds of the Golden Era

Be transported back in time to the Mandarin pop scene of the 1930s to the 1950s at Songbirds of the Golden Era.