Sesame Street RV Brake Release Mechanism Wins WSH Innovation Award

Like all ride vehicles (RV) in Universal Studios Singapore, the RV for the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase is regularly taken out to a workshop for maintenance works. But should a fault prevents current from reaching the RV’s current collector, a manual extraction will need to be done.

To do this, two Team Members climb onto the RV to manually release the failsafe brakes. While they keep the brakes from engaging, two other Team Members will push the RV to the maintenance bay, with their supervisor overseeing the work.

This extraction exposes the Team Members to the risk of falling from heights, and fatigue from standing through the 90-minute manual process.

WSH Innovation Award 2018 -2

Before. Extracting the RV exposes Team Members to a risk of falling because they need to remain on the RV to keep the brakes from engaging.

To improve the team’s workplace safety and health, a portable rechargeable battery-powered recovery device was designed to connect to the RV control relays. Using this multi-mode handheld device, the brake mechanism can be kept from engaging without having to climb onto the RV.

WSH Innovation Award 2018 -3

The portable device that takes the place of Team Members who had to ride on the ride vehicle during extraction.

Not only is the falling risk removed, the extraction process can now be safely carried out by three Team Members (instead of five) and in a much shorter time – 30 minutes compared to the original 90 minutes.

WSH Innovation Award 2018 -4

After. Only 2 Team Members with a supervisor is needed during the extraction.

For this, the design has won the Workplace Safety and Health Innovation Awards 2018.

WSH Innovation Award 2018 -5

Tech Services VP Kess Chiang receiving the award on behalf of the team.

WSH Innovation Award 2018 -1

(from left) Tech Services VP Kess Chiang and Director Laurence Chia with the Team Members involved in the project: Ferseval Dematera (leader), Wee Chew Kuey, Chan Chee Mun Oliver, and Lee Jin Kiat Peter.

-photos, additional info by Casey Lee


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