What you should know about the new S.E.A. Aquarium Society

You’re no stranger to S.E.A. Aquarium, one of the world’s largest aquariums. But perhaps you haven’t heard of S.E.A. Aquarium Society? Allow us to fill you in.

1.  S.E.A. Aquarium Society is the conservation institute of S.E.A. Aquarium

Launched on 8 June 2017, S.E.A. Aquarium Society brings together people and organisations that are passionate about marine life and conservation to collaborate with S.E.A. Aquarium to protect the ocean. Over the next five years, it will focus on tackling issues such as ocean plastic pollution, sustainable seafood and climate action for the ocean in Southeast Asia and Australasia.

2.  Open to people from all walks of life

Be it government agencies, corporates, not-for-profit groups, academic and research institutions or marine enthusiasts, S.E.A. Aquarium Society is open to various forms of marine conservation collaborations. So if you have a project proposal or know of an organisation that wishes to partner them, email seaasociety@rwsentosa.com.

3.  S.E.A. Aquarium Society donated S$54,000 to Zero Waste SG

This cash funding will support its partner Zero Waste SG’s nationwide BYO (Bring Your Own) Schools Programme. Students learn about plastic disposables and marine litter through talks and interactive booths, and are encouraged to bring their own reusables and reduce plastic disposables via a reward system. The year-long programme targets to reduce the total number of plastic disposables by 20,000 items.

The Society also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with James Cook University Singapore to collaborate on research, student and public engagement and internships. Read more here.

4. S.E.A. Aquarium Society has a Facebook group

Want to discuss and share about marine life and conservation with like-minded people? This is it. It’s also a great way to keep up with what’s happening in the Society. Click here to join.

5. Become a S.E.A. Aquarium Society Enthusiast – for free

If you are interested to learn more about the ocean and conservation, and take part in monthly events like workshops, talks, beach cleanups and reef cleanups, sign up as a S.E.A. Aquarium Society Enthusiast. Membership is free.

Over 1 tonne of trash was picked up at this year’s first beach cleanup. Read about it here.

There are two upcoming events in August: a recycling workshop and a talk on Sharks in Singapore. Find out more about them here. You’ll need to be an Enthusiast to join is, so remember sign up first.

Ready to do your part for the ocean? Click here to find out more about S.E.A. Aquarium Society and join them as a S.E.A. Aquarium Society Enthusiast.


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