Rooms Hero of the Year goes to…

Four Rooms Team Members had received the RWS Hero of the Year award, for obtaining the highest number of guest compliments in 2017.

The award took into consideration all written compliments received from guests, which could be submitted through the guest feedback form, email or even as posts on TripAdvisor. The year award is a culmination of the 12 ‘smaller’ monthly awards.

The four Heroes of the Year are:

34 compliments – Zhang Wen Fei, Hard Rock Hotel Housekeeping Room Attendant

29 compliments – Song Xiandong, Hard Rock Hotel Housekeeping Room Attendant

21 compliments – Eviana Anak Lucas, Genting Hotel Jurong Housekeeping Room Attendant

19 compliments – Yadi Zorghi, Hotel Michael Bellman

A splendid effort, both in impressing the guests and for getting them to actually write about it.


Moving up to 2020.

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