OSCARES awards wrap up Halloween Horror Nights 7

What’s scarier than Halloween Horror Nights 7? Why, that’ll be the OSCARES, “the scariest award event of the year”.

A play on the Oscars, OSCARES (geddit?) is the post-Halloween thank-you party and award ceremony where the ‘kill’ kids hang out. What began as an appreciation event for the crew from the first Halloween became OSCARES in 2016; this is the second year that OSCARES is out to wring the squeal from you.

And the OSCARES party was pretty sick. There were punny awards, yummy food, a special screening of Laboratorium, a dance floor and even DJ Inquisitive on the spin. It was held on 30 October, the Monday right after HHN7 because why not – work hard, go nuts even harder immediately after.

The OSCARES winners were ‘headhunted’ by Entertainment show directors and captains, who stalked around during event nights looking for bloodcurdling performances and terrified guests. Winning iPads for looking ghastly and making babies cry? Sign us up.

All in all, a great night. Good energy, good vibes, good scares.

Some photos from the night

OSCARES award 2017

OSCARES award 2017

OSCARES award 2017

OSCARES award 2017

OSCARES award 2017

OSCARES award 2017

OSCARES award 2017

OSCARES award 2017

OSCARES award 2017

OSCARES award 2017

OSCARES award 2017

The winners of He/She Killed It Award aka best actor/actress.

OSCARES award 2017

The complete OSCARES award winners

Best BOO Scare Award

Muhammad Danial Bin Azlani

Best DistACTOR Award

Muhammad Fatullah Bin Amanullah

King of Swings Award

Alton Keh Guan Qing

Die Die Always Try Award

Tan Yan Jie, Joalina

Deadliest Designs

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts – 3D Design

Nanyang Polytechnic – School of Design

The Triple Threat Award

Faith Sim Jia Rui

Technical Wizard Award

Mohamad Faris B Anuar

Chop Chop Curry Pok Award

Bok Wen Qi

Stylo Mylo Award

Celestine Wong Shulin

Drop, Dead, GORE-geous Award

Lim Xun Yi

With Us to the Grave Award

Hanis Azrina Binte Ashri

He Killed It Award

Beau Aidan Di Orazio

She Killed It Award

Belle Pereira Ho Shan Shan

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