Love Letters: Gold Star Awards, Rooms Q2 2017

Read what some guests loved about our Rooms Team Members who won their Gold Star Awards earlier this year. Some were previous recipients of the Gold Star Awards as well, so what’s their secret?

Gold Star Awards, Rooms Q2 2017

Winners holding certificates, from left: Syed Adam bin Syed Amir Hamzah, Azkhairulzafie bin Azman, Lina Lim, Jacqueline Thor – from Equarius Hotel.

About Azkhairulzafie bin Azman: A guest thanked Zafie for helping them retrieve their laptop cable after checking out from the room in a short period of time. Guest also complimented him for his good service, by assisting them to find out the menu of Tangerine.

About Jacqueline Thor: “I have booked a 3D2N stay with my family from 18 – 20 June. The wonderful experience started the moment I checked in the hotel… I would also like to thank the friendly and helpful Jacqueline, the housekeeping manager who, with her housekeeping team, made our stay so neat and clean, ensuring our needs are met and our stay is comfortable. Beach Villa has set a very consistent standard in their service level, service from the heart. This is definitely a hotel I will revisit again.”

Gold Star Awards, Rooms Q2 2017

Winners holding certificates, from left: (standing) Cheng Dong Yang, Wang Zhong Qing, Zhao Bao Liang, Li Jie, (squatting) Eviana Anak Lucas, Norazan Bin Mohammad Salleh, Guo Yan Di – from Genting Hotel Jurong.

About Cheng Dong Yang: “Bond is very attentive and helpful when I ask for extra towels and water. He did not hesitate to let me take more. Good service, keep up the good job!”

About Wang Zhong Qing: “Most valuable was Joyce an excellent housekeeper very friendly + approachable. Displays very good attitude towards us as elderly guests, a star performer.”

About Norazan Bin Mohammad Salleh: Guest was in the lobby waiting for shuttle bus to RWS. Azan who was on duty approached him for a small talk. Guest mentioned that the transport arranged by his company was a mess. Azan then offered to arrange transport for the guest personally. Guest agreed. Azan proceeded to arrange and ensured everything was in order. Guest complimented Azan to Front Office Manager Andrew for his empathy, for being a good listener, and for offering him alternative solutions.

About Guo Yan Di: “Very impressive on Guo Yan Di in housekeeping services. He is a very hardworking, responsible and cheerful man with a very positive attitude in his work every day. Thanks for giving me a very clean room every day.”

Gold Star Awards, Rooms Q2 2017

Winners from left: Zhang Wenfei, Marielyn Binte Kamarudzaman, Lavinia Lim, (Daniel Tiator, Director of Rooms), Ariel Chio, Jegatheeswaran Perumal – from Hard Rock Hotel Singapore.

About Marielyn Binte Kamarudzaman: “I am very pleased with Marielyn. She makes an effort to provide her best services to any customer including myself by doing whatever she can. It makes a difference why I’d stay at HRH again. Totally love her service, smile and mannerism. Beyond words. Note: A very fast worker.”

About Lavinia Lim: “The daily cleaning was excellent. Lavinia was very kind to my family and patient to my kids who made a mess every day. Lavinia was great with my kids and understanding when it comes to cleaning. She is an asset to your business. Always friendly, always smiling and always polite. Excellent!”

About Jegatheeswaran Perumal: “Jega the concierge was fantastic, very friendly and helpful. I asked him what are some things to do on the island that didn’t require walking far. He came to our room and went through the map and everything. He made our stay very welcoming.”

Gold Star Awards, Rooms Q2 2017

Winners from left: Huang Kim Chuan, Wong Pitt Thye, (Kalvinder Singh, Director of Rooms), Jothi Nathan Michael – from Hotel Michael.

About Huang Kim Chuan: “Bouquet for Kim Chuan. Impressed by his professionalism, courtesy and patience. Most of all he is courteous to his colleagues. Smooth checking-in, with thanks.”

About Jothi Nathan Michael: “It was a nightmare when I lost my passport. Jothi at the concierge, he put in a lot of effort to assist me to find my passport. He helped me recall the process from the airport to Hotel Michael, which eventually led to me getting my passport back from the taxi driver. Thank you for your kindhearted help. I found this trip even more charming.”

Other Gold Star Awards recipients were:

GHJ – Feng Xiao Ming, Dou Liang, Liu Song, Wei Dong, Xu Ming, Elizabeth Josephine Arulappen, Ernita Binte Eksan, Herman Bin Abdul Rahman, James Seah Rui Chuen, Mohd Fauzi Bin Mansi

HRH – Xian Dong

EH – Jesslyn Chong Wei Wei, Jason Wong Bai Shen, Gurvinder Singh, David Deong Teik Joo, Kelly Quek,

HM/Crockfords – Xin Ni Teo Corinne, Mohamed Fairoz Bin Mohamed Salahuddin, Muhammed Shahar bin Latip, William Loh Wai Leong, Sean Park Chang Sun, William Baklin Liew Kong Fook, Casendra Loo Leng Yen, Kayla Ma Meng Ting, Christine Loong Ooi Ooi, Daniel Ng Liang Meng, Michael Lee Tee Yong, Wang Ke, See Siew Mui, Xie Xiao Ji, Lu Zheng Wei

FH – Radin Sofraleezah Binte Radin Abdul Rahman, Michelle Li Hui Jing, Yam Chun Keat Bryan, Muhammad Fazli Bin Haris, Kathiravan S/O Paskaran

Some responses have been edited for clarity.


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