Love Letters: A bag lost, a bag returned

On 16 August at around 1.35pm, a lady driver reported that she lost her handbag at a car park gantry. Transport Management Yuet Li was the first to attend to the situation. Along with Judy Eng and Roger Loh as well as Security Officer Shahid, they managed to identify who took her bag. Finding the bag inside the suspect’s car, they wheel-clamped it, and were eventually successful at retrieving the bag.

The guest wrote in to compliment the effort:

“I am writing in to express my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to all your security and staff who have assisted me in recovering my bag dropped at your basement carpark on 16 August 2018.

My bag fell out of the car as I opened my car door to tap for entry at entry 22. When I realised it minutes later after I parked my car, I was unable to find it. I was told to make the lost report at the B1 security at the casino entrance and was assisted by the duty security officer. I really commend the prompt response given by Ms Yuet Li who later came to assist me and took down all the details leading to the loss of my bag.

She responded quickly by running to watch the surveillance camera and identifying the car and the car owner who picked my bag at the gantry. Ms Yuet Li and Ms Judy Eng (Transport Management) thereafter acted very efficiently and fast in wheel clamping the said car as my bag could be seen at the floor of the front passenger car seat after confirming with me. I was then further assisted by other security officers/ traffic wardens who also exhibited efficient services in helping me recover my bag after the owner contacted them for the wheel clamp.

Once again I am very thankful for the excellent services and support rendered by all who have helped me recover my bag, in particular Ms Yuet Li and Ms Judy Eng, I am very touched by their sincerity, concern and sense of urgency towards my predicament. All the staff have been very efficient and supportive in their respective roles.

Please accept my gratitude towards them and making RWS a safe and wonderful place to visit.”


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