Leadership and People Management Courses 2017

-Updated 28 February 2017. 

Equip yourself to take your team to greater heights!

For Directors & Asst. Directors

FACILITATE CHANGE AND ACHIEVEMENT OF RESULTS (NEW): Innovation and change are key to our business transformation. Gear yourself up to be a change-maker and to lead a team that delivers results. More.

For Senior Managers & Managers

MANAGE ACHIEVEMENT OF RESULTS (NEW): Want to achieve results each and every time? Master the fundatmentals of team planning and performance management to lead a high performing team. More.

MANAGE CHANGE: Change is the new constant. Equip yourself to lead successful change strategies in your team and to evaluate the impact of the transformation. More.

MANAGE SELF: To be a good leader, self-awareness is crucial. Discover more about your leadership and communication style, and how to bring the best out of yourself and team. More.

For Asst. Managers & Supervisors (S1/E1 grades)

SUPPORT ACHIEVEMENT OF RESULTS (NEW): We rely on every team member to deliver results in RWS. Find out how to implement team plans and manage team performance. More.

IMPLEMENT CHANGE: How do you implement change efforts on the ground? Help your team to innovate and continuously improve in their work. More.

DEVELOP SELF: The first step to being a good leader is to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Learn how to communicate well and to make effective decisions. More.


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