Leadership and People Management (LPM) Programmes

Learning does not stop when schooling ends. In RWS, Team Members (TMs) are encouraged to continually develop their skills and knowledge. We make available courses and grants for interested TMs who meet the requirements. We talk to our team of trainers and TMs who have gone through these programmes to learn more about them.


Nolan Libero, ACW Park Ops Senior Manager attended a two-day LPM-WSQ’s Cultivate Workplace Relationships workshop in May 2015.

1. What did you do or learn at the course? We learnt how to understand and work with diverse workforce, be it age, skills or experience. As a visual learner, I particularly enjoyed the hands-on activity. One game had us given separate partial messages and we had to get the full answer through verbal communication only.

From this, it highlighted that people tackle tasks differently – some dived right in, some focused on details, some observed. For myself, I learnt that I tend to try to understand who I’m working with before I start on the problem. I now take a little more time to analyse my projects before running with it.

2. Any advice for your peers? Courses like this are useful for everyone, especially for TMs who just started their career. The skills are applicable to many fields and help you learn some best practices to apply at work. Sign yourself, or your team, up for it where possible. I also believe that happy, dynamic relationships at your workplace can lead to greater guest satisfaction. A happy team leads to a happy guest.

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