Know The Line: Self-Help Is Your Best Bet

Problem gambling can adversely affect both the gamblers and/or their family. Casino Self-Exclusion or Voluntary Visit Limit are safeguard options that are offered by National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) which could help control excessive gambling habits.

What is Casino Self-Exclusion?

One may apply to exclude himself from the Singapore casinos. The Self-Exclusion is available to Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and foreigners.

What is Voluntary Visit Limit?

One may apply to limit his visit to Singapore casinos to either 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 visit/s per month. The Voluntary Visit Limit is only available to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.


Applications can be made via:

  • submission of completed application form (i.e. the Self-help is your best bet brochure) to NCPG
  • online application at

There is no fee charged for the exclusion.

If any patron request for help in self-exclusion, you may direct him to any casino Team Members who will refer him to our RG Ambassador for assistance. You may also advise the patron to pick up the Self-help is your best bet” brochure & application form at our Members Lounge.

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