Know the line: Learn To Be A SMART Player

A new RWS Responsible Gambling brochure “Be A Winner, Be A Smart Player” can now be picked up at the Members Lounge or just outside the casino entrance. The brochure highlights tips to help casino patrons have fun and gamble safely and responsibly, by having the right attitude.

Here are these SMART tips to gamble safely and responsibly, and keep problem gambling at bay.

Stay informed

Understand how gambling works to make informed decisions of the level of play. This includes understanding the randomness of the gambling outcomes and that chances of winning do not improve with the bet amount, frequency and length of play.

Make A Plan

Plan in advance on how much time and money to spend on gambling, within an affordable limit, and to stick to it.

Avoid Gambling To Relief Stress

Do not use gambling to relief stress. Opt for healthier options like exercise or talking to a friend.

Regularly Take Breaks

Take regular breaks to refresh the mind and to make clearer choices on gambling.

Track Your Gambling Amount

Track the gambling amount to be conscious and aware of the amount spent on gambling.

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