FLYING Through Time, new upcoming production at RWS

Comedy, sports choreography, and time travel meet in hilarious result in this upcoming live-action show at Resorts World Theatre – FLYING Through Time.

Anyone who has watched NANTA Cookin’, JUMP and the recent CHEF: Chilli Crab vs Bibimbap will be familiar with the style of its director, Choi Chul Ki. Expect hilarity mixed with high-energy action in a non-verbal, quality production that will tease the laughs out of you.

The story is a play on the trope of good versus evil with tragic love, time travelling and cheerleading thrown in for good measure.

This show boasts of international casts of martial artists, gymnasts and ex-national athletes from China, Malaysia, Mongolia, South Korea and Taiwan – who will be joined by two local names. Home-grown heartthrob Joshua Tan (of Ah Boys To Men fame) plays the lead role of Tiger, while local starlet Melody Low plays the curvaceous cheerleader Sexy.

Flying Through Time

Melody (left) and Joshua at the press conference on 19 Oct 2017.

Show begins at Resorts World Theatre on 9 December, running till 21 January 2018.

See the action during the show’s press release on 19 October, here on our RWScoop post. Early birds tickets are on sale, so grab them now before they disappear on 16 November.

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