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Further Education Sponsorship (FES)

Back to school with the Further Education Sponsorship.

Career Development Programme (CDP)

Two Team Members who went through the Career Development Programme shares their experience.

Leadership and People Management (LPM) Programmes

What can you learn from the Leadership and People Management Programmes?

Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) Training

Learn about Workforce Skills Qualification Training from those who have been through it.

Day in the Life of: A Trainer

Misconceptions and realities of the people whose job is to get you ready to do yours.

A Day in the Life of: A Blogger

It is (probably) not what you think.

A Day in the Life of: A Water Quality Analyst

I spent some time finding out from Muhammad Fhaizal bin Rahim just what a Water Quality Analyst does.

A Day in the Life of: A MICE Operations Manager

I shadowed MICE operations manager Jason Zhang and found plenty of unexpected photo opportunities.

A Day in the Life of: A Guest Services Agent

Learning how to be the next Receptionist of the Year.

A Day in the Life of: A Sales Associate

I was ready for a second childhood when I got to shadow Jennifer Koh, Sales Associate at Big Bird’s Emporium inside Universal Studios Singapore.