They did it again, Best Reservations Department

RWS Call Centre team struck a chord with a mystery caller to keep the “SHA Best Reservations Department – Deluxe Hotel” award at the Association of Rooms Division Executive Dinner & Dance held at Marriott Singapore Tang Plaza on 8 November 2017. They first won it last year.

Best Reservations Department 2017

The trophies, both 2016 and 2017.

As the process goes, the team did not know who or when the call was made. All they know is that the mystery caller was a ‘guest’ who would evaluate the experience from the opening dialogue until sales closure and the ending of the call.

The award came as a surprise as well, as the results were only made known during the dinner event itself.

Lynn Leong, Call Centre Senior Manager says: “The team is very motivated and proud over this repeated achievement awarded by Singapore Hotel Association.”

Congratulations to the Call Centre team.


Moving up to 2020.

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